3 Ways Magic Affiliate Can Boost Your Affiliate Satisfaction

If you want to build a strong core of affiliate marketers then keeping them happy and engaged should be a top priority. While this doesn’t mean that you need to devote every hour trying to make their lives easier, it does mean that you need to give them the attention that they deserve. More importantly, you need to keep them motivated. If you have tried to manage an affiliate program before, then you probably already know about the basics like providing them with the right tools and resources. While this may get them in the door, it doesn’t mean that they will stay. The Magic Affiliate plugin was designed not only manage your affiliates, but to do it effectively. Here is a quick look at how the Magic Affiliate plugin can help you improve your affiliates satisfaction level.

1. Performance Based Payouts
One of the easiest ways to keep your affiliates motivated is by using performance based payouts. Instead of offering a flat rate for each sale, you can offer a higher percentage based upon results. The Amazon.com affiliate program is a great example of this. The payout rate grows as does the volume of sales. The Magic Affiliate plugin makes it easy to create customizable payout rates to ensure that your affiliates are always motivated to continually promote your products.

2. Bonuses
Along the same line of creating commission based performance incentives is by providing flat rate bonuses. For example, for every 10 sales, an affiliate could earn an additional $50. With the Magic Affiliate plugin, you can track affiliate sales in real-time. You can either make the payout immediately or during your regular payment schedule. The best part is that the flat rate bonuses don’t have to be exceptionally large. It is simply a reward to the affiliates that make you the most money – a simple way to say thanks.

3. Contests

Another great way to keep affiliates motivated is to top-seller contests. Most of the time they are either monthly or quarterly. Depending on how much your top sellers normally produce, you can adjust the prize value to ensure that you don’t break the bank running them. Instead of cash, many contests give out electronics like in iPad or software, although no affiliate will complain about a cash prize either. The thing that really makes your contest stand out is a leader board You need to make sure that all of your affiliates can see the leader board whenever they want. With the Magic Affiliate plugin, all of this information can be displayed in the private affiliate members area.

Keeping your affiliates happy and more importantly, actively promoting your products is essential to building an affiliate program that will be successful in the long run. Fortunately, this doesn’t require much additional effort as long as it is done correctly. The Magic Affiliate plugin is designed so that you can easily implement and manage the most effective methods of keeping your affiliates happy, such as creating performance based payouts, providing flat rate bonuses, and run contests.

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