3 Ways That Magic Affiliate Can Keep Your Best Affiliates Happy

3 Ways That Magic Affiliate Can Keep Your Best Affiliates Happy

If there is one thing that every affiliate manager wants, it is to hide their best affiliates from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t possible. This means that keeping your best affiliates happy needs to be a top priority. Along with keeping them happy, you also have to make sure that your offer is competitive with all of the competing programs in your niche. Fortunately, with the right management tool, creating these types of special scenarios is relatively simple. Here is a quick look at 3 techniques that you can use to make sure that your best affiliates are always happy and promoting your products.

Magic Affiliate Can Keep Your Best Affiliates Happy

1. Create a Special Commission Rate

One of the most common, and easiest methods is to give your best affiliates a special commission rate. In fact, this is so common that super-affiliates will normally call you personally and request a special rate in advance. If someone does this, it is normally safe to assume that they are very good at what they do and that you will get more than your money back in additional sales. With the Magic Affiliate plugin, you can easily do this with just a few clicks. Not only does a special commission rate give your affiliates a bigger incentive to make sales, but also shows them that you appreciate their efforts.


2. Create a Tiered Program

Another option, although less common, is to create a special tiered program for your top affiliates. Normally this is the type of incentive that is best suited for affiliate marketers that are already well known within the affiliate marketing industry because they know who and how to recruit. With the Magic Affiliate plugin, you can set up a tiered program within a matter of minutes.

3. Be Flexible

The number one thing that you have to do in order to keep your best affiliates happy is to be flexible. For example, if you are doing a product launch, some of the elite affiliate marketers will contact you to see if you have a special bonus that they can use to generate sales. This could be a special rate for their list or another complimentary product. Another common request is for custom promotional materials, particularly banners and landing pages. It is impossible to predict exactly what they will need from you, but being flexible is essential to keeping them satisfied.
Keeping your best affiliates happy is something that every affiliate manager has to deal with on a regular basis. Fortunately, by using tools that make this process easier not only saves time, but saves you from losing affiliates as well. A great tool to use is the Magic Affiliate plugin because it provides you with the flexibility that you will need to make special changes for your best affiliates such as increasing their commission rate and creating a special tiered program for them.

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