5 Free and Useful WooCommerce Plugins to Save Time and Money

There will always be premium WordPress plugins that are worth paying for, but that doesn’t mean there are not a handful of truly powerful free plugins as well. When it comes to WooCommerce, there are at least five free plugins that are not only free, but are powerful and flexible enough to save most WooCommerce-based websites time and money over the long run. Not only do they provide a free short-term solution but are stable and reliable enough to offer a long-term answer.

Useful WooCommerce Plugins

1. WooCommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife

One of the most well-known free WordPress plugins is the WooCommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife. This plugin adds a variety of helpful features to the standard WooCommerce installation. This makes it easy for webmasters to fine-tune and customize their visitor’s shopping experience. Some of the most popular features of WooCommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife include WooCommerce Checkout form customization, Drag and Drop Checkout form fields, enhanced support for input/data types, and full i18n support. It also removes the built-in WooCommerce fields and provides spate built-in billing/shipping fields. There are a number of additional features as well. For those who are satisfied with this plugin but want more, there are two premium versions as well – WooCommerce Rich Guys Swiss Knife and WooCommerce Extra Guys Swiss Knife.


2. WooCommerce MailChimp or WooChimp

Auto responder integration is key for WooCommerce users as it is an easy way to drive additional sales and boost revenue. Unfortunately, integrating a 3rd party auto responder service into WooCommerce can be tricky without an integration plugin. Both WooCommerce MailChimp and WooChimp are excellent integration plugins for MailChimp users, but they also take it a step further by providing a handful of enhanced features. The key is to find a free integration plugin for whatever 3rd party auto responder that is being used that also includes some enhanced features.

Download WooCommerce MailChimp

3. AddShoppers for WooCommerce

AddShoppers is considered to be an all-in-one social commerce solution. It can be used to improve a WooCommerce store and boost revenue by integrating the WooCommerce platform with popular social media sites. For example, it allows users to sign into their WooCommerce platform via their Facebook, Twitter, or Amazon account rather than requiring the user to setup a new account during the checkout process. This makes it easy to create a retargeting campaign as well as setup a variety of social rewards promotions. AddShoppers is a freemium service which doesn’t limit the number of features free users can use but rather starts charging a monthly fee based upon the number of visitors a website receives.

AddShoppers for WooCommerce

4. WPML for WooCommerce

It doesn’t matter what type of ecommerce website is being created with WooCommerce there is no reason to arbitrarily limit the customer base solely because of a language barrier. The WPML for WooCommerce plugin is the ideal solution for creating an accurate and fully functional multilingual ecommerce site.


5. WooCommerce Admin Bar Addition

The WooCommerce Admin Bar Additional plugin is primarily designed for the people are shop managers, site administrators, and/or webmasters. This small, lightweight plugin does add much in terms of additional functionality to the WooCommerce solution but it does make managing a WooCommerce store much easier and faster. The WooCommerce Admin Bar Additional describes itself as just adding a lot of related resources to the WordPress Toolbar/Admin Bar. It uses hooks to add all of the WooCommerce shop setting, products, and order management into the admin bar. It also links to all setting/tab pages of the plugin to make it easier to switch from a specific front-end page to that page’s backend settings.


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