5 Simple WooCommerce Store Maintenance Tips

5 Simple WooCommerce Store Maintenance Tips

5 Simple Yet Critical WooCommerce Store Maintenance Tips

WooCommerce continues to grow, even though it is already one of the most popular WordPress plugins. It has become popular for a lot of reasons but the overall ease of use for store owners and website developers is where this plugin truly stands out. As with all WordPress plugins, WooCommerce releases small and large updates on a regular basis. Ignoring these updates is a terrible idea as they often include security patches. At the same time, every update has the potential to break a website. Fortunately, there are five simple WooCommerce store maintenance tips that will make updating the plugin much less stressful.

Always Backup WooCommerce Stores

Regularly backing up a website should be common practice, however many people are not backing up their website often enough. This is even more important for online store owners. With an online store it is nearly impossible to back up the store information too often. If possible, backing up an ecommerce website should take place at least once every few days. Fortunately, there are a number of WordPress plugins that will back up an entire site automatically.

Always Update

Along with backing up WordPress websites, it is equally important to update all WooCommerce plugins as well as website themes and the WordPress core. This not only ensures the latest versions of the software is being used, but also provides maximum security. Most updates are security related and are released as new exploits are discovered. Ignoring these updates puts any ecommerce website in jeopardy of being hacked.

Update E-Store Information

Along with updating the software tied to the online store, it is equally important to regularly update product information and inventory. This is particularly true for WooCommerce stores that deal primarily or entirely with physical products. Keeping this information up to date ensures store owners will be able to provide customers with the best service possible. It is important to not only update prices but also remove items that are no longer being sold. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to order something from an online store only to realize the item is no longer available.

Pay Attention to Uptime

It may seem obvious but customers can only buy items from a WooCommerce store when the website is online. Uptime monitoring is the only way to ensure a website is available to customers. Fortunately, there are a number of easy to use and nearly hands-free website uptime monitoring plugins for WordPress.

Professional Maintenance Services Are Often Worth Their Price

Keeping an online store, WordPress, and WooCommerce up to date is not a one-time task. It is something that has be done regularly. Once a WooCommerce is profitable, it may be worth the price to hire a professional website maintenance service. Many of them will often maintain both the WordPress aspect of the website as well as the server itself. While this type of service isn’t free, it does guarantee maintenance is not overlooked. It also allows store owners to focus on more revenue-centric tasks such as promoting the website, generating more sales, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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