Choose Your Own Destiny With the Magic Affiliate WordPress Plugin

One of the reasons that WordPress has continued to grow in popularity is because it is easy to use, flexible, and completely customizable Unfortunately, up until now, the same has not been said for affiliate management platforms. Magic Affiliate is a WordPress plugin that has designed to bridge the gap between WordPress and affiliate management. It offers the same type of flexibility and scalability that has made WordPress such a popular option in the first place.

1. Choose Your Payouts

The Magic Affiliate plugin allows you to create any type of payment structure that you want. You can make payments based on a flat fee or percentage of each sale. This also works for recurring commissions as well. You can even create up to a 5 tiered affiliate structure, which will give your top affiliates a reason to recruit more affiliates for you.

Many of the best affiliates will contact a product owner before actively promoting their products. Often they will ask for higher compensation because of their track record for boosting sales. With Magic Affiliate, you can set higher payouts for your top affiliates on an individual basis.

2. Overall Flexibility

WordPress is know for being a flexible CMS platform that can be used by even the greenest webmaster. Magic Affiliate was designed with the same goals in mind. Magic Affiliate is as easy to install as any other WordPress plugin and offers as much flexibility as you need. With advanced payout management, customer affiliate control panels, simple banner management, and easy integration with Aweber, Magic Members, and the WordPress e-Commerce plugin, Magic Affiliate offers complete customization through an easy to use interface.

3. Staying Up To Date

One of the biggest weaknesses of many affiliate management programs is the inability to gather and sort up to date affiliate information. Magic Affiliate not only provides real-time data for both the affiliate manager and affiliate marketers, but also has the ability to sort this data in a variety of ways. Affiliate managers can create reports based on total commissions, commission payment dates, and much more.

Magic Affiliate is a simple, yet powerful WordPress plugin It allows anyone to easy manage an unlimited number of affiliates. Just like WordPress, Magic Affiliate is simple to use, easily integratable, and amazingly flexible People choose to harness the power of WordPress for a variety of reasons, and Magic Affiliate is the perfect compliment to any e-commerce WordPress website.

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  • Frode L says:


    Do you consider to make the plugin multi tier, or at least 10 tiered?

    Even the plugin looks great, I would not consider using it with only 5 tiers.

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