Does Your Affiliate Plugin Really Matter?

When creating a membership site, especially with WordPress, it is easy to get caught up in choosing the right software to run your site that you overlook how you will manage your affiliates. Some people assume that the affiliate plugin that they use doesn’t really matter because they are all pretty much the same. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just as all membership site software is different, so are affiliate plugins. The key is finding the right affiliate plugin to manage your affiliates.

The first reason that your affiliate plugin is important is because the wrong one will end up costing you a lot of time. This is normally because the plugin does not cover every action that you need to take. Some are great at tracking sales, but lack a good way to communicate with affiliates. Some may be good at communicating with affiliates, but does not offer a hands-free way to make the payments. Regardless of the shortcoming, it can end up costing you and your staff a lot of time. More importantly, this time could be better spent making your affiliates stronger and more effective.

The second reason that your affiliate plugin matters is because you need have the ability to recruit affiliates. If you have ever done affiliate marketing before, you know that first impressions matter. If you do not give your affiliates a good first impression, they will likely go elsewhere. There are few if any niches that only have one affiliate program available. That means that you are competing with all of those other products for the attention of affiliates. If you don’t give them a reason to join, they won’t.

Another reason that your affiliate plugin is important is that it can play a key role in retaining affiliates. There is nothing worse than spending all of your time recruiting affiliates and even providing some training materials, only to have them move on to another program in a few days, weeks, or months. By creating a professional and useful affiliate area, it will be easier to keep your affiliates happy. More importantly it gives you way to communicate with your affiliates and keep them focused on your program instead of someone else’s Affiliates are always on the lookout for a better offer, so make sure that your affiliate plugin gives them a reason to stay.

As you can see, choosing the right affiliate plugin should be just as important as choosing your membership site plugin. Very few membership sites succeed without affiliates. Even if you can recruit enough members without affiliates, you will still be limiting your profit potential. The right affiliate plugin can benefit you in a lot of different ways. It can save you and your staff time and money, help you recruit affiliates, and most importantly help you retain affiliates over the long run. By not choosing the right affiliate plugin, your overall level of success could be limited, and at minimum you cannot maximize it.

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