How to Promote Your WP Ecommerce Site For Maximum ROI

When it comes to promoting your WP e-commerce site, making sure that get the most out of every dollar that you spend is more important today than ever. Not only does the economic environment have an impact, but so does the growing number of business who are advertising online. Fortunately, there are several techniques that historically have a very high ROI. Here is a closer look at ways to get the most sales from minimum investment.

1. Starting an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program has long been known to be one of the most cost effective ways to promote a WP ecommerce site. The primary reason for this is that you only pay an affiliate a commission once they have already generated a sale. By paying affiliates after they have already gotten you a sale, it is impossible to lose money. Plus, with a streamlined, quality plugin, like the Magic Affiliate Plugin, you can recruit and manage affiliates with minimum effort and time. As an added bonus, affiliate marketers are going to be linking back to your website with their affiliate links. This will boost your organic traffic as well.

2. Organic Traffic

Generating traffic organically can be a time intensive process, however the long term returns are huge. This is especially true if you have an army of affiliate marketers creating backlinks for you. However, even if you are trying to generate organic traffic on your own, you can get great results with a minimal monetary investment. As an added bonus, by creating quality content on your website as well as on other websites (to create backlinks), you will boost your online visibility and credibility which holds a high value by itself, even without the direct traffic.

3. Building a List

List building, for some, has “gone out of style” online. However the most effective online businesses definitely still make sure that they have a way to always be in contact with their customers. By someone signing up for your list, they are telling you that they are definitely interested in your products. It is the equivalent of walking into your store if you are a brick and mortar business. They are coming to you for information and because your products are of interest to them. Think of the emails or newsletters that you send out similar to a salesman on the floor. It is to build trust in your product, credibility in your business, and of course, generate sales.

All three of these tactics have a historically high ROI. This includes both the financial investment and resource investment required to start and maintain these types of strategies. While some of them will take some time to actually start generating sales, over the lifetime of these products, the ROI is incredible The best part is that all three of these strategies have been proven effective within every industry and for every style of WP e-commerce website.

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  • jungle says:

    Can magic affiliate plugin integrate multiple affiliate programs for referral credits. I want to integrate lik 3 different affiliate programs and then when people join my system, they join through all three programs which are my affiliate links. Like an automated referral program

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