Let Magic Affiliate Help Train Your New Affiliates

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Let Magic Affiliate WordPress Plugin Help Train Your New Affiliates

The Magic Affiliate plugin is designed not only to manage and track your affiliates, but also to ensure that you can effectively communicate with them. Everyone would love it if all of their affiliates were super-affiliates, but it simply isn’t possible. A majority of affiliates for any product are likely still going to be learning the ropes. As an affiliate manager you have two choices. First, you can simply let them teach themselves and hope for the best. While many affiliates will never make a dime, the ones that do will likely stick with your product because it was their first success. The second option is to provide them with at least a rudimentary foundation of training so that they have a chance to succeed. While the second option will require a little more effort, it can pay much bigger dividends. Here is a quick look at a few way the Magic Affiliate plugin can make training your affiliates easier.

1. Create an E-Course

One of the easiest ways to train your new affiliates is to create an e-course that will automatically be sent to them. Not only does it require minimal effort after you create it, but it can grow over time and consistently become a more effective training tool. The Magic Affiliate plugin allows you to quickly add all of your affiliates to your list automatically and can be integrated with all of the most popular auto responder software. If you don’t want to set up a lengthy e-course, you can also create a short series of PDF reports and have them sent on a regular basis. There are a number of different techniques that have been proven effective and require no maintenance once the training materials have been created.

2. Direct Training

If you want to take a more hands off approach and don’t want to create a training program for everyone, the Magic Affiliate plugin can be used to directly communicate with the affiliates that you do want to train. While this means that you may not get the maximum results from every affiliate, it will be easier to identify the ones that are serious about succeeding. Through the affiliate members area, they can communicate with you and let you know when they need help. This isn’t the most common approach because if you are training some of your affiliates, you should already have the training materials that could be used for the rest, but it is an option.

3. Central Location

Another benefit of the Magic Affiliate plugin is that you can leave your affiliates mass messages and know that they will get them once they log into their account. This is particularly useful if you are building a training program that is using outside resources like an affiliate forum or blog. Using a central location to get in touch with them, you can be sure that they never miss any important information that you share with them.

There are an infinite number of techniques that can be used to train affiliates from the in-depth daily training to the more passive or selective training. It doesn’t matter how you want to approach your training, the Magic Affiliate plugin provides you with the abilities to implement it.

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