Magic Affiliate Gives Affiliates Everything They Need

Every ecommerce merchant knows that having an army of affiliates is the best way to increase sales.  However, if the proper tools are not provided, affiliate marketers will not be able to effectively promote your products.  It doesn’t matter if it is one product or an entire store, Magic Affiliates has proven to be one of the most effective affiliate managers available.  Magic Affiliate is a simple WordPress plugin that can give affiliate marketers everything they need to promote your products.

Magic Affiliate Makes Life Easy For Affiliate Marketers

1.    Reliable Tracking

Nothing makes an affiliate marketer more nervous then not being able to track their progress.  With the Magic Affiliate plugin, your affiliate will be able to see their referrals, sales, and payment history through the simple affiliate manager interface.  They will get to see all of their affiliate statistics in real time, which makes tracking their progress simple.  Reliable tracking is essential to keeping affiliates happy and is often one of the weakest features in many affiliate management programs, especially with WordPress.  The Magic Affiliate WordPress plugin allows your affiliate to see their statistics at any time.  They can even receive email notices every time they make a sale.

2.    Affiliate Tools

To create an effective affiliate program, affiliates need to be armed with a number of advertising tools.  The Magic Affiliate plugin allows you to give your affiliates instant access to banners, text links, blog posts, an autoresponder series and much more.  By arming your affiliates with the right tools, they will be able to more effectively drive customers to your website.  Moreover, with every affiliate using the same banners, your business is able to become more visibility consistent which will enhance your brands recognition.  By offering customers a brand that they recognize, they are much more likely to make a purchase because they know what to expect.

3.    Payment Options

Magic Affiliate gives you control over what type of affiliate commissions you want to offer.  It can be a flat fee, percentage commissions, and even a tiered payment structure (up to 5 tiers).  This offers you the ultimate flexibility regarding what you pay your affiliates.  Additionally, you can set a different payment for every affiliate.  This tool is especially useful to attract the best affiliates.  Super-affiliates often require a higher payout before they will promote a product.  With the Magic Affiliate plugin, you can setup a different payment structure that is for super-affiliates only.

Creating an environment that makes an affiliate marketer feel safe and secure is critical to build an army of affiliates.  The Magic Affiliate WordPress plugin gives you the power to provide all of the tools necessary to make any affiliate happy.  Additionally, it makes it easy for your affiliates to get everything they need as well as communicate with you whenever they need to.  Keeping your affiliates happy and armed to the teeth with advertising tools doesn’t have to be difficult.  The Magic Affiliate plugin can do all of this and more, while still being one of the most lightweight and easy to use affiliate management platforms available.

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