Magic Affiliate Plugin Make Managing Your Affiliates Easy

While having an affiliate program is always a good idea, many affiliate management programs can quickly become time consuming and difficult to work with.  The Magic Affiliate WordPress plugin has streamlined the affiliate management process and makes communicating, tracking, and paying your affiliates easier than ever.

1.    Real Time Data

On of the most important features that any affiliate manager must have is the ability to access their data.  Even more important is that the data is up to date and can be delivered in real time.  The Magic Affiliate plugin gives you real-time data and gives you the ability to see sales as they happen.  With zero delays, you can see exactly how well your affiliates are doing and how much business they are driving to your website.

2.    Simple Paypal Integration

Magic Affiliate was designed to flawlessly integrate with Paypal.  In fact, you can even set up automatic payments to all of your affiliates.  Many affiliate management programs force owners to pay all of their affiliates individually and can make monthly payouts a hassle and very time consuming.  With Magic Affiliate, you can set it up and have the plugin to do all of the work for you.  This save both time and money, while also ensuring that you keep your affiliates happy by making every payment on time.

3.    Communication

It is important to be able to communicate with your affiliates quickly and efficiently.  Magic Affiliate provides you with several different ways to communicate with your affiliates.  The first is through the custom affiliate panel.  This area allows you to create messages which will automatically show up in the affiliate control panel.  That way it is the first thing that every affiliate will see.  You can also create custom email templates to personalize them to each affiliate.  This is ideal if you prefer communicating via email.  Additionally, if you create a training series or cross-promote to your affiliates, Magic Affiliate can be easily integrated with Aweber.  To make things even easier, all of your affiliates will be automatically added to your Aweber account when they sign up to become an affiliate.

Managing and communicating with your affiliates doesn’t have to be difficult.  While many affiliate management options make communicating, tracking, and payments a hassle, Magic Affiliate has streamlined the entire process with a simple layout and seamless integration with popular tools like Paypal and Aweber.

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