3 Reasons Magic Affiliate Will Maximize Your Launch

Creating an effective product launch strategy is essential, especially for membership sites. It will not only generate immediate income, but will also lay the groundwork for the ongoing branding and marketing efforts for the life of the product. Nothing is more important than establishing a solid reputation before the product is actually available to the marketplace. For decades, word of mouth marketing has proven to be one of the highest converting forms of marketing and that is exactly what affiliates will do for you. Plus, many affiliates will also engage in other marketing strategies such as PPC, social media networking, and much more. All of this advertising is risk free for you because you will only pay the affiliates who get you sales. Here is a quick look at 3 reasons that using the Magic Affiliate plugin will help you manage your affiliates and maximize the potential of your launch.

1.  Affiliate Communication

Nothing will kill your launch faster than misinformation. With the Magic Affiliate plugin, you are given multiple ways to contact and directly communicate with your affiliates. This includes automatically adding them to your list and leaving direct messages which they will receive in the affiliate members area. Some of the most common misinformation that can be eliminated include incorrect product reviews and incorrect product information such as launch date/time as well as price. If an affiliate represents your product incorrectly, it will reflect poorly on you not them in the eyes of buying public.

2. Makes You Look Like a Professional

The Magic Affiliate plugin allows you put your best foot forward for your affiliates. Successful affiliate marketers want to work with professionals and nothing makes you look worse than having a haphazard affiliate sign-up and members area. The Magic Affiliate plugin not only looks professional, but also gives your affiliates a private area that includes all of the tools that they need, in addition to real-time tracking data.

3. Allows You to Focus On the Details

The weeks leading up to a product launch, it always feels like there is more to do in a day than most people can accomplish in a week. By using the Magic Affiliate plugin you will have a centralized area to manage all of your promotional material and your affiliates. Plus, by building a strong team of affiliates, you can spend less time dealing with marketing and more time perfecting your product and your sales pages.

While the Magic Affiliate plugin can’t guarantee a million dollar launch, it can make sure that you can manage all of your affiliates effectively and professionally. More importantly, it takes care of the daily tasks that an affiliate manager tends to with little input on your part. Affiliates consistently prove to be one of the most important elements of an effective product launch and the Magic Affiliate plugin can make sure that they are ready to go.

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