Magic Members Plugin Review

Magic Members Plugin Review

A Magic Members Plugin Review for the Four Main Membership Site Types

WordPress has become one of the most popular ways to setup and manage a membership site. There are a handful of popular membership site plugins. It is difficult to say a particular plugin is the perfect solution for each situation, so when reviewing a membership website plugin, it is important to focus on how the plugin functions within the framework of the four main membership site types: evergreen, pay per post, training/tutorial, and newsletter memberships. This is a closer look at how the Magic Members plugin operates within each of the four membership models.


Magic Members Plugin Review Evergreen Membership Sites

Evergreen membership sites are by far the most common. As such, a majority of the well-known WordPress membership website plugins adequately address this type of application and Magic Members is no exception. It offers multiple membership levels, unlimited coupon creation, custom post type support, and very large number payment processers which can natively be integrated. Overall, it is just as good as any other popular WordPress membership site plugin.

Pay Per Post Membership Sites

Pay Per Post membership sites can be incredibly profitable when used correctly. This is not a membership style that many sites embrace. As such, many of the popular WordPress membership site plugin offer only limited features for this area. Magic Members is an exception to this. It not only allows for Pay Per Post access but also allows for pay per bundle functionality which allows users to purchase a bundle of content rather than single articles. Along the same lines, Magic Members also allows for Pay Per View monetization for video-based websites.

Training/Tutorial Membership Sites

Training websites are known by a variety of different names including tutorial, training, and continuity membership sites. Magic Members offers a solid set of features and functionality for this type of
website. A key feature is the ability to drip feed content. This ensures members are not overwhelmed with content immediately. While many plugins offer this feature, Magic Members offers greater customization through the use of custom post types. Combining these features with multiple tiers is a great way to create a successful training website. Additionally, Magic Members supports a range of discussion forum solutions which adds greater value to tutorial membership sites.

Newsletter Memberships

The final type of membership type to consider are newsletter memberships. Most people have moved away from a newsletter-only membership model although it has proven to still be a profitable solution. Magic Members offers a few key features which allows for a comprehensive interactive newsletter membership model. For example, the secure RSS tokens and download manager can turn a standard newsletter membership into one which also offers RSS feeds and podcast/webinar downloads.


Many membership sites evolve over time based upon customer demands. This fact makes Magic Members a uniquely positioned solution. While there may be better WordPress plugins for a specific type of membership site, the ability of Magic Members to fully support such a wide variety of membership sites makes it the ideal solution in terms of long-term flexibility and monetization.

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  • Oscar Bellinger says:

    I’ve been using Magic Members on my membership site more than 4 years. I have never experienced any issues. If you want to build a WP membership website, I strongly recommend Magic Members.

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