Save Time and Money With the Magic Affiliate WordPress Plugin

WordPress have become a popular platform for membership sites, sales pages, and full ecommerce stores.  Unfortunately, there are very few affiliate management platforms available with WordPress.  This means that many website owners must create an additional website or utilize incompatible programs to manage their affiliates.  This is a waste of both time and money.  Finally, there is a simple WordPress plugin that can that manage an entire army of affiliates.

The Magic Affiliate WordPress Plugin

1.    Easy Installation

The Magic Affiliate plugin is as easy to install as any other WordPress plugin.  Within a matter of minutes, you can have a fully functioning affiliate management platform.  Additionally, it is designed to automatically generate a unique affiliate control panel for every affiliate.  This allows both parties to easily track and manage sales in real time, advertising tools such as banners, and even communicate.

2.    Easy Integration with Magic Member

Magic Members has quickly become one of the leading WordPress plugins that can create a fully customized membership website.  Magic Affiliate was designed to seamlessly integrate with Magic Member.  This allows membership websites to be powered by an unlimited number of affiliates.  It can also offer both flat fee and percentage recurring commissions for affiliates, as well as up a 5 tier affiliate structure.

3.    Easy Integration with WP-eCommerce Plugin

The WP-eCommerce plugin is currently the leading WordPress plugin being used to create fully functioning and scalable e-commerce stores.  Magic Affiliate was designed to be 100% compatible with this leading platform.  Now affiliates can drive traffic to any product that is listed throughout your e-commerce store.

4.    Scalability

One of the biggest problems that hinder many affiliate management programs is that they are designed to handle either large amounts or small amounts affiliate marketers, but not both.  Magic Affiliate is completely scalable.  Every affiliate gets their own private control panel.  Magic Affiliate is designed to handle an infinite amount of affiliates, but just as effectively manages a small number of affiliates.

Magic Affiliate has proven to not only be an effective affiliate management platform, but is can also be seamlessly integrated with all of the best WordPress e-commerce plugins.  There is no reason to waste the time and money of modifying and tweaking incompatible programs, when a simply solution exists.  Magic Affiliates is easily integratable, completely scalable, and can be installed as easily as any other WordPress plugin.

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