Stand-Alone Affiliate Plugin for WordPress E-Commerce Websites

Stand-Alone Affiliate Plugin for WordPress E-Commerce Websites

4 Reasons to Use a Stand-Alone Affiliate Plugin for WordPress E-Commerce Websites

When setting up an e-commerce WordPress website with an affiliate program there is one choice which will fundamentally affect how the affiliate program operates. Owners must decide if they want an all-in-one e-commerce solution that includes an affiliate solution (or integration with other 3rd party affiliate marketplaces) or if they want to combine an e-commerce solution with a 3rd party affiliate plugin for WordPress. While both solutions offer a unique experience, there are four key benefits to choosing a 3rd party affiliate plugin for WordPress stores rather than an all-in-one solution.

1. Greater Financial Flexibility

The first benefit of choosing a 3rd party standalone affiliate plugin for WordPress e-commerce websites rather than an all-in-one solution or 3rd party affiliate marketplace is financial flexibility. Standalone plugins typically offer number additional features for maximum financial flexibility. This includes creating affiliate tiers to boost affiliate recruitment, multiple payout scenarios to reward top affiliates, and a variety of additional bonus and promotional functionalities. All of these features combine in a way that provides the website owner with significant financial flexibility. A majority of all-in-one solutions are limited in terms of flexibility since the primary emphasis on the solution is the e-commerce aspect.

2. Eliminates Unnecessary 3rd Party Control

Another benefit of choosing a stand-alone affiliate plugin or WordPress e-commerce websites is it eliminates any unnecessary 3rd party control. This is particularly true when compared to affiliate marketplaces. Popular affiliate marketplaces will allow website owners to operate their affiliate program via the marketplace. While this does cut down on time needed to manage the program, it also decreases profit margins. Most 3rd party affiliate marketplaces take a cut of the commissions on every affiliate sale. This money is either coming out of website owner’s profit margins or the pockets of affiliate marketers.

Keep in mind that if the commission structure is not competitive with other e-commerce stores within a niche, then affiliate marketers will choose the affiliate program which offers the best commission structure.

3. Maximum Access to Data and Affiliates

The third benefit of choosing a stand-alone affiliate management plugin is access to data. While an all-in-one solution will provide important data regarding the affiliate program it is often tied into the e-commerce store statistics. This can make it difficult to identify what the best affiliate promotional materials are. It can also cloud the overall effectiveness of the affiliate program. 3rd party affiliate marketplaces make it even more

difficult to gather the necessary data because they only provide the information they deem is necessary. By using a separate solution website owners can run important tests between campaigns to maximize conversions specifically for affiliate sales.

4. Changing Solutions is Easier

The final reason to choose a stand-alone affiliate plugin for WordPress websites is the ability to change. There are two primary changes which illustrates how much easier using a stand-alone affiliate plugin really is. The first is changing affiliate solutions. If a website owner is unhappy with the WordPress affiliate plugin they are using, they can simply export the data and upload it into the new affiliate plugin they are switching to.

Changing affiliate solutions with an all-in-one solution is rarely possible and when it is,the process can quickly become complicated. The other common change is from one e-commerce plugin to another. Website owners using a 3rd party, stand-alone affiliate plugin for WordPress don’t need to do anything in regards to their affiliate program
because changing e-commerce platforms will not affect it. On the other hand, if an all-in-one solution is being used then both the affiliate information and store information will have to be transferred to the new solution.

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