Using Magic Affiliate to Earn More From Every Affiliate

If affiliate marketers are not given the right tools, they are unlikely to succeed in promoting your products, or may even decide not to promote them in the first place.  Unfortunately, many affiliate management programs are not designed to make providing affiliates with the essential tools like banners, blog posts, autoresponder series, etc very difficult.  The Magic Affiliate WordPress plugin has proven to be an effective solution for affiliate managers.  It hosts a number of excellent features, that are already integrated into the core, to make affiliate marketers more effective.

1. Banners and Text Links

One of the first tools that every affiliate marketer expects is both banners and preconfigured text links.  The Magic Affiliate plugin makes it easy for affiliate managers to upload banners and preconfigured text links to be accessed by affiliate through the affiliate control panel.  Affiliates get easy access to these tools right away.  Banners have proven to be one of the most common and most effective marketing tools in an affiliate marketers arsenal and must always be readily available.

2. Training Sessions

Every affiliate that joins your program will automatically be added to your Aweber mailing list.  This makes training affiliates a snap.  In order for your affiliates to be successful, they need to understand how to effectively market to your niche or may require some basic training full of tips and tricks.  All an affiliate manager needs to do is upload a short training session into their Aweber account and every affiliate can become quickly trained to drive traffic and maximize their conversion rates.

3. Let Your Affiliates Train For You

Another option that is growing in popularity is to allow your best affiliates train new affiliates for you.  Magic Affiliate allows affiliate managers to create a tiered commission structure, which creates an incentive for affiliates to recruit and train more affiliates.  Additionally, strong affiliates can see a list of every affiliate they have recruited as well as their email address.  This allows them to train the affiliates they recruit for you.  This can be done in conjunction with your training program or independently  Either way, there is no better way for new affiliates to get training than from super-affiliates that have already discovered how to successfully promote your products.

4. Keep Your Affiliates Updated

    With a custom affiliate panel, your affiliates can receive custom messages that you create.  This is especially useful when introducing new products, stopping the sale of products, and running limited time promotions.  There is nothing worse than having your affiliates promote products that you no longer carry or run a promotion and have no one promoting it.  Magic Affiliate solves this problem by providing a custom affiliate panel that you can use to provide affiliates with up to date information.

    The Magic Affiliate WordPress plugin makes training your affiliates easier than ever before.  By arming your affiliates with the knowledge and tools to succeed, your affiliate program will be able to attract new affiliates and maximize conversions, both leading to higher profits and more customers.

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