WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin

WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin

5 Ways the Magic Affiliate Plugin Makes WooCommerce More Powerful

WooCommerce has become one of the most popular freemium e-commerce plugins for
the WordPress platform. While it has all of the standard features and e-commerce plugin
requires, plus a lot more, there is not a lot of options when it comes to setting up an affiliate
program for your online store. This is what makes integrating the Magic Affiliate plugin with
WooCommerce a must. There are a number of benefits you can take advantage of which is not
readily available with other affiliate management plugins.

1. Generate More Sales

The primary reason most online stores utilize an affiliate program is because it generates more
sales. Affiliate marketing is a unique benefit for online stores because it allows you to leverage
hundreds or thousands of other marketers to promote your products for you. The Magic Affiliate
plugin provides a variety of features which will make your affiliate opportunity more attractive
and more professional than your competitions.

2. Provide Customizable Affiliate Resources

One of the biggest drawbacks to the WooCommerce affiliate marketing management extensions
currently available is the lack of customization for affiliate resources. In order to attract
powerful affiliates and improve conversion rates from affiliate traffic providing the right
resources is critical. Most of the other options available place a greater emphasis on backend
management rather than providing affiliates with the tools they need. The Magic Affiliate plugin
not only simplifies the backend management process, but also makes it easy to provide affiliates
with a variety of customizable resources including banners, content, PPC ads, and cut-and-paste
affiliate product links.

3. Keep Affiliates Active

A significant hurdle affiliate managers constantly battle is keeping their affiliates active. Many
affiliate marketers will promotes an online store successfully and then move on to another
project. Over time, they will generate less sales and eventually stop promoting your online store
altogether. The Magic Affiliate plugin provides a variety of tools which will allow you to stay in
contact with affiliates, set up contests, and increase their overall level of activity.

4. Maximum Control

While the WooCommerce plugin has proven to be an elite option for setting up and maintaining
an online store, the available extensions provide very little control over the affiliate marketing
process. The Magic Affiliate plugin is designed to provide storeowners with maximum control
over their affiliate environment. This includes setting custom commission levels for top
performers, providing a customizable affiliate members area for each affiliate, and providing

affiliates with incentives to recruit other affiliates by offering multiple commission tiers (up to

5. Zero Integration Problems

The final benefit of using the Magic Affiliate plugin is that there are no integration issues. The
reason other affiliate management programs needed to create an extension specifically for
WooCommerce is because they rely on the e-commerce platform rather than the WordPress core
programing. While the Magic Affiliate plugin does seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce, it
primarily relies on the WordPress core which eliminated the common integration problems other
extensions face.

To maximize the revenue potential of your online store, combining WooCommerce and the
Magic Affiliate plugin is an ideal solution. Not only will you benefit from a leading WordPress
online store platform but also an elite WordPress affiliate management plugin. The best part
is even if you decide to switch from WooCommerce to another e-commerce plugin; the Magic
Affiliate plugin will still be completely functional because it relies on the WordPress core rather
than the specific e-commerce plugin.

WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin


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