WooCommerce & Magic Affiliate Plugin

If You Are Using WooCommerce – Pair It with the Magic Affiliate Plugin

WooCommerce & Magic Affiliate Plugin

WooCommerce is easily the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin in the world. Not only is it free but it is full of the same features you will find in other premium e-commerce plugins. It is extremely powerful and proven to be one of the best options on the market for establishing an e-commerce website or integrating e-commerce into an existing website. To take things to the next level it is important to maximize the built-in benefits WooCommerce has to offer. One of the easiest ways to do this is by pairing it with the Magic Affiliate plugin.

1. Adding Affiliates is Key

Adding the ability to track and manage affiliates easily and with minimal time is essential to maximizing the benefits of any e-commerce platform, especially WooCommerce. The Magic Affiliate plugin has consistently proven to be the ideal solution for this particular e-commerce platform. It allows for you to manage an unlimited number of affiliates while also offering recurring commissions, automatic mass pay through PayPal, and the ability to create individualized commission levels. All of these capabilities are extremely valuable in the eyes of potential affiliates.

2. Simple Integration

WooCommerce is known to play well when a majority of WordPress plugins but in order for integration to be seamless the third-party plugin must create a WooCommerce extension. This extension is custom-built specifically to ensure there are no integration issues. The Magic Affiliate plugin provides an easy-to-use extension which ensure simple integration with WooCommerce.

3. Dual Reporting Capabilities

WooCommerce is well known for offering comprehensive analytics to track incoming sales, reviews, stock levels, and general store performance from the backend of your WordPress platform. In general, it is best known for offering a bird’s eye view of these statistics which provides an easy way to see the overall health of your e-commerce store. The Magic Affiliate plugin provides the necessary additional analytics needed to dig down deeper and maximize the potential of your online store. It features real-time reporting which provides all of the data you will need to track your website in real time, including clicks, sales, and commissions.

4. Save Time

An overlooked benefit of WooCommerce is the intuitive backend design which makes it easy to manage an entire e-commerce store regardless of how many products are listed. This proves to be a huge timesaver both on a daily basis as well as over the long run. Unfortunately, many affiliate plugins requires significantly more attention to benefit them. This is particularly true during the affiliate payout stage of the month. The magic Affiliate plugin was designed to offer the same level of simplicity, power, and versatility as WooCommerce to ensure you are not spending more time managing your affiliates then you spend managing your store.

There are a number of different options out there both for e-commerce plugins and affiliate management plugins on the WordPress platform. WooCommerce and the Magic Affiliate plugin are proven entities which constantly provide optimal performance. Combining the two ensures webmasters consistently benefit from the best of both worlds.

Magic Affiliate is integrated with WooCommerce, WP e-Commerce and Magic Members plugins

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  • WooCommerce is the best e-commerce plugin for WordPress. If you plan to create an online shop with WordPress WooCommerce will be the best choice for you. It’s free and easy to use, but if you need additional extension you need to purchase them.

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