5 Simple WooCommerce Store Maintenance Tips

5 Simple Yet Critical WooCommerce Store Maintenance Tips

WooCommerce continues to grow, even though it is already one of the most popular WordPress plugins. It has become popular for a lot of reasons but the overall ease of use for store owners and website developers is where this plugin truly stands out. As with all WordPress plugins, WooCommerce releases small and large updates on a regular basis. Ignoring these updates is a terrible idea as they often include security patches. At the same time, every update has the potential to break a website. Fortunately, there are five simple WooCommerce store maintenance tips that will make updating the plugin much less stressful.

Always Backup WooCommerce Stores

Regularly backing up a website should be common practice, however many people are not backing up their website often enough. This is even more important for online store owners. With an online store it is nearly impossible to back up the store information too often. If possible, backing up an ecommerce website should take place at least once every few days. Fortunately, there are a number of WordPress plugins that will back up an entire site automatically. Continue Reading

Magic Members Plugin Review

A Magic Members Plugin Review for the Four Main Membership Site Types

WordPress has become one of the most popular ways to setup and manage a membership site. There are a handful of popular membership site plugins. It is difficult to say a particular plugin is the perfect solution for each situation, so when reviewing a membership website plugin, it is important to focus on how the plugin functions within the framework of the four main membership site types: evergreen, pay per post, training/tutorial, and newsletter memberships. This is a closer look at how the Magic Members plugin operates within each of the four membership models.


Magic Members Plugin Review Evergreen Membership Sites

Evergreen membership sites are by far the most common. As such, a majority of the well-known WordPress membership website plugins adequately address this type of application and Magic Members is no exception. It offers multiple membership levels, unlimited coupon creation, custom post type support, and very large number payment processers which can natively be integrated. Overall, it is just as good as any other popular WordPress membership site plugin.

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WooCommerce MailChimp Integration

We’re glad to announce that Magic Affiliate V.1.35 is released. You can download the latest version of MGA from MGA’s dashboard.


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Code improvement

Stand-Alone Affiliate Plugin for WordPress E-Commerce Websites

4 Reasons to Use a Stand-Alone Affiliate Plugin for WordPress E-Commerce Websites

When setting up an e-commerce WordPress website with an affiliate program there is one choice which will fundamentally affect how the affiliate program operates. Owners must decide if they want an all-in-one e-commerce solution that includes an affiliate solution (or integration with other 3rd party affiliate marketplaces) or if they want to combine an e-commerce solution with a 3rd party affiliate plugin for WordPress. While both solutions offer a unique experience, there are four key benefits to choosing a 3rd party affiliate plugin for WordPress stores rather than an all-in-one solution.

1. Greater Financial Flexibility

The first benefit of choosing a 3rd party standalone affiliate plugin for WordPress e-commerce websites rather than an all-in-one solution or 3rd party affiliate marketplace is financial flexibility. Standalone plugins typically offer number additional features for maximum financial flexibility. This includes creating affiliate tiers to boost affiliate recruitment, multiple payout scenarios to reward top affiliates, and a variety of additional bonus and promotional functionalities. All of these features combine in a way that provides the website owner with significant financial flexibility. A majority of all-in-one solutions are limited in terms of flexibility since the primary emphasis on the solution is the e-commerce aspect.

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There will always be premium WordPress plugins that are worth paying for, but that doesn’t mean there are not a handful of truly powerful free plugins as well. When it comes to WooCommerce, there are at least five free plugins that are not only free, but are powerful and flexible enough to save most WooCommerce-based websites time and money over the long run. Not only do they provide a free short-term solution but are stable and reliable enough to offer a long-term answer.

Useful WooCommerce Plugins

1. WooCommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife

One of the most well-known free WordPress plugins is the WooCommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife. This plugin adds a variety of helpful features to the standard WooCommerce installation. This makes it easy for webmasters to fine-tune and customize their visitor’s shopping experience. Some of the most popular features of WooCommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife include WooCommerce Checkout form customization, Drag and Drop Checkout form fields, enhanced support for input/data types, and full i18n support. It also removes the built-in WooCommerce fields and provides spate built-in billing/shipping fields. There are a number of additional features as well. For those who are satisfied with this plugin but want more, there are two premium versions as well – WooCommerce Rich Guys Swiss Knife and WooCommerce Extra Guys Swiss Knife.


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