4 WordPress Plugins to Consider for WooCommerce MailChimp Auto Responder Integration

WooCommerce MailChimp Integration

WooCommerce remains one of the most popular e-commerce WordPress solutions. Unlike many other solutions, WooCommerce thrives on 3rd party integration rather than trying to build everything into the solution itself. This allows it to be more versatile and flexible. It also ensures users have the ability to add and subtract features based upon the needs of their customers and the needs of the internal marketing strategy. One of the most commonly used tools is the auto responder. MailChimp has become particularly popular among e-commerce websites for standard follow-up emails, intensive remarketing, and even casual brand awareness strategies like a weekly newsletter. Fortunately, there are a variety of effective WooCommerce MailChimp auto responder plugins to consider in order to ensure there are no integration issues.

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4 Essential Promotional Items You Must Give Your Affiliates


One of the most fundamental rules of creating and managing a stable of affiliate marketers is that you must provide them with the promotional tools that they need to succeed. The number of methods that affiliate marketers will use to promote your product continues to grow and you don’t need to provide them with absolutely everything that they will use. However, the core resources that have long be considered a baseline standard are still the same. If you don’t provide these tools to your affiliates, you shouldn’t expect them to hang around very long. Here is a quick look at the 4 essential promotional items that you must provide your affiliates.

1. Banners
Banners have long been the most common way that affiliates promote products. It requires very little effort on their part and can provide very effective results. There are a number of different banner sizes that are currently being used on a regular basis. If you don’t want to create a banner of every shape and size, then focus on the most popular and the highest converting. Normally this will include at least one leader board, both horizontal and vertical, a 125×125 box, and one larger box either 250×250 or 300×250. In general both static and flash banners should be provided.

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WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin

Let Magic Affiliate WordPress Plugin Help Train Your New Affiliates

The Magic Affiliate plugin is designed not only to manage and track your affiliates, but also to ensure that you can effectively communicate with them. Everyone would love it if all of their affiliates were super-affiliates, but it simply isn’t possible. A majority of affiliates for any product are likely still going to be learning the ropes. As an affiliate manager you have two choices. First, you can simply let them teach themselves and hope for the best. While many affiliates will never make a dime, the ones that do will likely stick with your product because it was their first success. The second option is to provide them with at least a rudimentary foundation of training so that they have a chance to succeed. While the second option will require a little more effort, it can pay much bigger dividends. Here is a quick look at a few way the Magic Affiliate plugin can make training your affiliates easier.

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3 Ways That Magic Affiliate Can Keep Your Best Affiliates Happy

If there is one thing that every affiliate manager wants, it is to hide their best affiliates from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t possible. This means that keeping your best affiliates happy needs to be a top priority. Along with keeping them happy, you also have to make sure that your offer is competitive with all of the competing programs in your niche. Fortunately, with the right management tool, creating these types of special scenarios is relatively simple. Here is a quick look at 3 techniques that you can use to make sure that your best affiliates are always happy and promoting your products.

Magic Affiliate Can Keep Your Best Affiliates Happy

1. Create a Special Commission Rate

One of the most common, and easiest methods is to give your best affiliates a special commission rate. In fact, this is so common that super-affiliates will normally call you personally and request a special rate in advance. If someone does this, it is normally safe to assume that they are very good at what they do and that you will get more than your money back in additional sales. With the Magic Affiliate plugin, you can easily do this with just a few clicks. Not only does a special commission rate give your affiliates a bigger incentive to make sales, but also shows them that you appreciate their efforts.


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6 Reasons to Use a WordPress Affiliate Plugin6 Reasons to Use a WordPress Affiliate Plugin on Your Website

Assuming you are promoting some type of offer on your website to generate revenue there is no reason not to be using a WordPress affiliate plugin. The ability to recruit an army of affiliates not only makes promotion easier but it also increases brand awareness and net income. Many people are still hesitant to use a word press affiliate plugin because they find it complicated, time-consuming, or simply don’t believe it’s necessary. Here is a quick look at the six most common reasons people integrate a word press affiliate plugin into their website.

1. Generates More Revenue

The most obvious reason to integrate a word press affiliate plugin into your website is that it allows you to generate more revenue. By having more people promoting the products you are selling your overall volume of sales should increase. The best part is you are only paying for people who directly generate sales. This means you are only paying for results, you are not paying for potential.

2. Provides “Free” Advertising

Another benefit of integrating an affiliate plugin into your word press website is it provides a method of free advertising. In some cases, it actually is free because the affiliates may never generate a sale but that doesn’t mean they aren’t spreading awareness about your products and offers. Fortunately, the majority of your affiliates will likely generate some sales so while their advertising efforts aren’t free, because you pay them a commission, you are not directly paying for the volume of advertising they are creating. Continue Reading

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