Banners menu contains Manage Banners and Add Banner sections.

Manage Banners: In this section you can edit your banners.

Add Banner: You can add new banner (text, image and flash) from this section.


Affiliates menu contains Manage Affiliate and Add Affiliate sections.

Manage Affiliate: You can list, search, change or delete affiliates from this section.

Add Affiliate: You can add new affiliates from this section.


Magic Affiliate plugin Dashboard contains main menu, Stats Overview, Subscription Information, Version Information and Recent Messages sections.

Stats Overview: You can display general website statistics in this section.
Subscription Information: All of our customers who bought Magic Affiliate plugin will also get one year free update and full customer support. (It’s not recurring, not charged automatically)When your subscription expires, you can extend your account by clicking “Extend” link. In order to receive the updates and support, you need to extend your subscription.

Version Information: This section will display a notification when Magic Affiliate plugin has a new version. When a new version appears, you will see an “Update” button for you to download lastest version of Magic Affiliate.

Recent Messages: You will be informed about Magic Affiliate news and updates with this section.

WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin

WooCommerce Affiliate Plugin

5 Ways the Magic Affiliate Plugin Makes WooCommerce More Powerful

WooCommerce has become one of the most popular freemium e-commerce plugins for
the WordPress platform. While it has all of the standard features and e-commerce plugin
requires, plus a lot more, there is not a lot of options when it comes to setting up an affiliate
program for your online store. This is what makes integrating the Magic Affiliate plugin with
WooCommerce a must. There are a number of benefits you can take advantage of which is not
readily available with other affiliate management plugins.

1. Generate More Sales

The primary reason most online stores utilize an affiliate program is because it generates more
sales. Affiliate marketing is a unique benefit for online stores because it allows you to leverage
hundreds or thousands of other marketers to promote your products for you. The Magic Affiliate
plugin provides a variety of features which will make your affiliate opportunity more attractive
and more professional than your competitions.
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If you want to build a strong core of affiliate marketers then keeping them happy and engaged should be a top priority. While this doesn’t mean that you need to devote every hour trying to make their lives easier, it does mean that you need to give them the attention that they deserve. More importantly, you need to keep them motivated. If you have tried to manage an affiliate program before, then you probably already know about the basics like providing them with the right tools and resources. While this may get them in the door, it doesn’t mean that they will stay. The Magic Affiliate plugin was designed not only manage your affiliates, but to do it effectively. Here is a quick look at how the Magic Affiliate plugin can help you improve your affiliates satisfaction level.

1. Performance Based Payouts
One of the easiest ways to keep your affiliates motivated is by using performance based payouts. Instead of offering a flat rate for each sale, you can offer a higher percentage based upon results. The affiliate program is a great example of this. The payout rate grows as does the volume of sales. The Magic Affiliate plugin makes it easy to create customizable payout rates to ensure that your affiliates are always motivated to continually promote your products. Continue Reading

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