While having an affiliate program is always a good idea, many affiliate management programs can quickly become time consuming and difficult to work with.  The Magic Affiliate WordPress plugin has streamlined the affiliate management process and makes communicating, tracking, and paying your affiliates easier than ever.

1.    Real Time Data

On of the most important features that any affiliate manager must have is the ability to access their data.  Even more important is that the data is up to date and can be delivered in real time.  The Magic Affiliate plugin gives you real-time data and gives you the ability to see sales as they happen.  With zero delays, you can see exactly how well your affiliates are doing and how much business they are driving to your website.

2.    Simple Paypal Integration

Magic Affiliate was designed to flawlessly integrate with Paypal.  In fact, you can even set up automatic payments to all of your affiliates.  Many affiliate management programs force owners to pay all of their affiliates individually and can make monthly payouts a hassle and very time consuming.  With Magic Affiliate, you can set it up and have the plugin to do all of the work for you.  This save both time and money, while also ensuring that you keep your affiliates happy by making every payment on time. Continue Reading

WordPress have become a popular platform for membership sites, sales pages, and full ecommerce stores.  Unfortunately, there are very few affiliate management platforms available with WordPress.  This means that many website owners must create an additional website or utilize incompatible programs to manage their affiliates.  This is a waste of both time and money.  Finally, there is a simple WordPress plugin that can that manage an entire army of affiliates.

The Magic Affiliate WordPress Plugin

1.    Easy Installation

The Magic Affiliate plugin is as easy to install as any other WordPress plugin.  Within a matter of minutes, you can have a fully functioning affiliate management platform.  Additionally, it is designed to automatically generate a unique affiliate control panel for every affiliate.  This allows both parties to easily track and manage sales in real time, advertising tools such as banners, and even communicate.

2.    Easy Integration with Magic Member

Magic Members has quickly become one of the leading WordPress plugins that can create a fully customized membership website.  Magic Affiliate was designed to seamlessly integrate with Magic Member.  This allows membership websites to be powered by an unlimited number of affiliates.  It can also offer both flat fee and percentage recurring commissions for affiliates, as well as up a 5 tier affiliate structure. Continue Reading

Every ecommerce merchant knows that having an army of affiliates is the best way to increase sales.  However, if the proper tools are not provided, affiliate marketers will not be able to effectively promote your products.  It doesn’t matter if it is one product or an entire store, Magic Affiliates has proven to be one of the most effective affiliate managers available.  Magic Affiliate is a simple WordPress plugin that can give affiliate marketers everything they need to promote your products.

Magic Affiliate Makes Life Easy For Affiliate Marketers

1.    Reliable Tracking

Nothing makes an affiliate marketer more nervous then not being able to track their progress.  With the Magic Affiliate plugin, your affiliate will be able to see their referrals, sales, and payment history through the simple affiliate manager interface.  They will get to see all of their affiliate statistics in real time, which makes tracking their progress simple.  Reliable tracking is essential to keeping affiliates happy and is often one of the weakest features in many affiliate management programs, especially with WordPress.  The Magic Affiliate WordPress plugin allows your affiliate to see their statistics at any time.  They can even receive email notices every time they make a sale. Continue Reading

What are business affiliates?

Business affiliates can refer to bloggers or companies being paid by a vendor or an employer as a reward for their marketing efforts. These marketing efforts may include placing a vendor’s links to another website and encouraging visitors to make a purchase of the product or service offered by the vendor.

Most of the business affiliates a vendor can hire are just bloggers who just do this kind of activity for the sake of having fun. If a vendor can give the blogger a choice to earn money while doing something that he or she loves, then this is an effective way to extend your business opportunity with him or her.

How to extend your business opportunities with affiliates?
It is a good thing that the advent of the Internet has offered a lot of various ways to conduct business, enhance your company’s growth, and increase sales revenues.
Appeal to the interest and needs of the bloggers. Make them understand that by investing time and energy in blogging, they can generate a decent online income!

As business affiliates, they can enjoy great benefits such as:
• Working at home
• Working at own pace and schedule
• Guaranteed payment
• Combining work with pleasure.
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