How Magic Affiliate Plugin Works?

Magic Affiliate plugin is integrated with  WooCommerce, Magic Members and WP e-Commerce shopping carts/plugins. In order to use Magic Affiliate you need to have one of these shopping carts/plugins.

1. After installing Magic Affiliate, you need to access Magic Affiliate –> Settings –> General page and setup the required sections.


  • Commission Level
  • Cookie Life(Days)
  • Tier Commission
  • Registration Settings
  • etc.

2. You need to add new banners from: Magic Affiliate –> Banners –> Add Banner


You can add text, image or flash banner.

3.  You are ready to promote your Affiliate Program, you can add your affiliate link into your website (It generally goes to Footer menu). You can get your Affiliate link from Magic Affiliate –> Settings –> General –> Affiliate Login URL:



4. Your Affiliate Center page. Users can login/register your website through your Affiliate Login URL.

5. When a user registers an an affiliate, they can login your affiliate area an get the banner codes from: Magic Affiliate Center –> Banners section


Affiliate can copy the links the links and promote their websites. For example: John register an an affiliate and promote your products with his affiliate links.

6. If a client clicks John’s affiliate link and purchases, John earns commission from this sale. Admin can see these sales from: Magic Affiliate –> Sales Section.

When an affiliate makes a sale, administrator and affiliate receive a notification email about this sale.

Affiliates can see their sales from: Magic Affiliate Center –> Sales section



  • stephen says:

    I sell other people products as an affiliates. Can I use Magic Affiliate Plugin to get together more products in one website to promote for people and earn commision. If works, how do I set it up? Thanks

  • administrator says:

    You can promote only your own products with Magic Affiliate WordPress Affiliate plugin.

  • I would like to know if this Magic Affiliate can be installed in a blog like mine. It is a classified blog, and I would like to have vendors for the announces.
    Excuse-me but I do not know Englihs enough to explain what I want.

    It would be fine if you go there and analyse.
    If there I could not installed the program I can make another blog where the affiliates will register, but vendor/seller the announces.

    How many different products can use the affiliates in a blog?

    I would like to have a answer and finaly – it could be in Portuguese?


  • fabiola says:

    tenho um loja online e gostaria de criar lojas para afiliados é possível fazer isso com este plugin??

  • It looks easy to use and user-friendly. I will suggest your plugin to my clients, if they need a WooCommerce affiliate plugin.

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